06 Oct
Project: Perth Zoo Termite collection and supply

Project: Perth Zoo Termite collection and supply

Workpower Environmental is happy to announce a new project that contributes to the repopulation of endangered numbats at Perth Zoo!

Client: Zoological Parks Authority (Perth Zoo)
Period: 2 Year Contract
Location: Mundaring, Jarrahdale and Kenwick
  •         Packing of 20 litre drums with wood at Perth Zoo
  •         Transportation to site and placement of new drums and collection of old drums
  •         Drums dated and marked with collection site code
  •         Unload drums and store appropriately at Perth Zoo
  •         Investigate new Termite sites in collaboration with Perth Zoo staff

In April 2017, Workpower Environmental received a new contract to collect and supply termites for the numbats living in Perth Zoo. The contract required us to create a termite harvest and supply plan using drums of karri wood (Eucalyptus diversicolor).

Numbats (Myrmecobius fasciatus) are an endangered species that live on an exclusive diet of termites, and can consume up to 20 000 termites a day! There are two common termite species found in Perth, Nasutitermes and Coptotermes, and each week we transport 14 to 18 drums of wood to the sites, collect and separate the termite species, and replace the drums before delivery to Perth Zoo.

This is a challenging and exciting project that is different from our usual restoration projects. It allows the team extensive use of the 4-wheel drive and increased exposure to remote areas. In particular, constant communication and correct safety procedures are a top priorities for this project. So far, the guys have faced the challenges head on and enjoyed learning new skills.

Perth Zoo is the only zoo in the world that has a numbat breeding program as part of their Native Species Breeding Program. As of 1993, 220 numbats have been successfully released into the wild.

With Workpower Environmental’s help, they can continue to secure the future of the numbat species.

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