11 Aug
Project: Provision of wildlife management

Project: Provision of wildlife management

Workpower Environmental are excited to introduce our newest customers! Sammy, Dibbles, Snowflake, Jane and Cheeky are Female Western Grey Kangaroos (Maropus fuliginsus) and also residents of Heirisson Island.

Client: Local Government

Period: 3 Year Contract

Location: Perth Metro


  • Provision of a contingency plan
  • Provision of a risk management plan
  • Provision of wildlife management of 5 female Western Grey Kangaroos Maropus fuliginsus
  • Weekly site inspections
  • Reporting

In April this year Workpower was appointed to provide Wildlife Management at Heirisson Island. The contract required us to develop a risk management plan and contingency plan for the health and safety of the kangaroos, followed by weekly inspections and reporting.

This is an exciting new opportunity for the environmental team adding a new product to our skill set but also an amazing new experience that is irregular to our usual environmental restoration projects.

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