06 Jul
Project: Weed control at Richmond Lake

Project: Weed control at Richmond Lake

Workpower Property Services were contracted by the Rockingham Council to remove Typha from the Richmond Lake over the month of May 2017.

A team of seven were sent to Rockingham from their Midland office to cut Typha just below the water line. Once the Typha was cut, it was placed on canvas tarps and dragged up to the maintenance driveway where it was placed on a tip truck to be taken to the local Landfill and Recycling Facility.

‘Removing the Typha’

12 truckloads of Typha were removed from the lake over four days. The team were taken out of their comfort zone of mowing lawns and gardening to work in the mud. They were a bit worried about what to expect, but by the end, they really enjoyed the time they had spent on the lake and wanted to go back.  

 ‘The team hard at work’

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