16 Mar
Project: Yagan Square native landscaping

Project: Yagan Square native landscaping

The wait is finally over – on Saturday 3rd March the new Yagan Square opened to the public. Our Nursery and Environmental divisions propagated and installed the plants for the Square’s wildlife garden! We talk more about this exciting new development and the task of creating a wildlife garden.

Project: Yagan Square landscaping

Client: Excedo

Period: Summer 2018

Location: Perth CBD


  • Propagation of unique native plant stock
  • Supply of over 40 different native plant species
  • Managing different landscape and design requirements
  • Hardening off plant stock prior to installation
  • Plant delivery and installation

Showcasing WA’s natural beauty

Our Environmental team was tasked to provide and install special plants for Yagan Square. The development is designed to celebrate WA’s biodiversity through a variety of native trees and plants. Cultural themes from the traditional land owners, the Whadjuk people, are also reflected in the plants, gardens, and canopies used. This requires a different approach to landscaping, with over 40 different native plant species. The plants also have to match the Square’s unique landscape design, including a feature wildflower garden.

All of the plant stock was carefully propagated and delivered from our Wholesale Nursery. This includes a variety of native shrubs, groundcovers, flowering plants, and wildflowers. Our Environmental team then prepared and installed the plant stock according to the project requirements.

Flowering plants were planted in various zones in order to create a complementary range of flowers come spring time. Visitors to Yagan Square can enjoy their beauty while they explore the markets and community events to be held there throughout the year!

Perth’s newest place to be

This $73 million project was 10 years in the making and connects Perth CBD with Northbridge. Not only an area for train transit, the area now boasts a range of facilities, including a market hall, northern bar area, rooftop restaurants, an amphitheatre, and a one-of-a-kind digital tower. Water features, native gardens, and integrated art are also found scattered across the space. As part of the State Government’s latest plan to transform Perth, it’s set to become a hub of activity and bring people together.

We are delighted to contribute to this exciting new development!

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