23 Sep
Property adorns Cottesloe Golf Club with native trees

Property adorns Cottesloe Golf Club with native trees

Environmental sustainability is a key factor in developing community spaces for residents to enjoy. Our Property Services team in Midvale assisted the Cottesloe Golf Club to do just that through their advanced tree reinstatement program.  

Here’s what the project involved: 

Client: Cottesloe Golf Club 
Period: 2020 

  • Supply and delivery of advanced trees 
  • Tree installation and initial watering 
  • Supply and installation of sea-sol, slow release fertiliser, and trace elements 
  • Tree staking 
  • Use of lightweight vehicles (Mule) to minimise turf damage 

The native trees used were specifically cultivated at our Tree Farm, which specialises in a range of advanced trees. The team made sure each plant was properly established to ensure optimal growth.  

During installation we took special measures to protect the turf and avoid any damage or delays. 

Restoring biodiversity 

 It is critical to maintain the native landscape in this area as it provides habitat and food for many animals. In particular, the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo is a threatened species found only in southwest WA that relies heavily on native wildlife. 

The trees our team planted will now provide a home for the cockatoos and other animals. This program is a part of an ongoing commitment from the Cottesloe Golf Club to maintain native wildlife.  

In addition to enhancing biodiversity, the native trees will make a perfect visual accompaniment to the golf course area. As a prestigious venue for events, the Cottesloe Golf Course prides itself on maintaining an immaculate landscape year round. 

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