10 Feb
Property protects City of Rockingham against bushfires

Property protects City of Rockingham against bushfires

This bushfire season has set new records in wildlife destruction, endangering animal populations, and causing health risks for residents across Australia. There’s little doubt that protecting our bushland areas is critical to keeping our communities safe. 

Fire mitigation is serious business and should be completed in an efficient and timely manner. The work needs to be done every year in order to protect against future weather conditions.  

That’s why the City of Rockingham enlisted our Property Services team to get right into the task of clearing potential fire fuel vegetation for this season. These plants contain biomass fuel for fires and are at risk of igniting given the right conditions. 

Clearing vegetation 

Since the start of summer last year, our Mandurah team have targeted high risk areas in the Rockingham area. This includes bushland near infrastructure and roads like Mandurah and Safety Bay Road.  

There are various ways to reduce the threat. They include removing debris and installing fire breaks, which we’ve completed for other nature reserves. This time the team focused on reducing the fuel load through manual vegetation removal.

This includes: 

  • Brush cutting and hand weeding 
  • Slashing and mowing with heavy duty ride-on-mowers 
  • Vegetation control using hedging, chain saws, and pole saws 
  • Weed control with chemical application 
  • Biomass and debris removal and disposal 
  • Sustainably recycling biomass where possible 

Safety and quality 

Our expert team are all fully trained and licenced through the Department of Health to apply chemicals for weed control. We also possess relevant accreditation and training to safely operate chainsaws and other heavy-duty equipment.  

On large-scale works like these, safety remains a high priority. We ensure each team member meets the industry safety standards we set, along with those from the City of Rockingham. 

It’s been a long few months but the Property team have pulled it off with success! The areas are now cleared of dangerous vegetation and the City can be confident that they are now at low risk of bushfires. 

Maintenance works are important to the management of any development, nature reserve, or commercial property. To start your management, get in touch with our Property team at (08) 9375 4930 or on email.