13 Mar
Property renews contract with TAFE Peel campus

Property renews contract with TAFE Peel campus

We’re happy to announce that we will continue providing garden maintenance services for the TAFE Peel campus this year!

There’s no doubt that our Mandurah Property Services hold a wealth of knowledge when it comes to grounds maintenance. Here’s a bit about our process and what we do.

Expertise in garden management

Did you know that our team have provided these services for the TAFE Peel campus for over 20 years?

During that time we made sure the garden and grounds were well looked after and regularly monitored. We’ve also completed landscape projects for the amenity gardens which included a range of new native plants.

With the renewal of our contract, we’ve been set with the task to update the gardens with new plants and features. Changes to the garden boundaries means that the team can focus on smaller garden areas. We know the TAFE campus well and enjoy watching the garden change and flourish with the seasons.

Our work keeps the campus clean and the gardens well-kept for staff and students to enjoy. We also assist with an occasional garden revamp that involves a new design, removal of old stock, and installation of fresh plants.

Ensuring your gardens last

Routine garden maintenance is key to lasting protection all year round. Our garden experts make sure your greenery stays lovely regardless of the weather, with:

  • Seasonal shaping and pruning
  • Regular reticulation monitoring and repair
  • Planned water and weeding schedules according to plant specifications
  • A selection of native, long-lasting plants that suit your environment

With years of horticultural experience under our belt, our speciality lies in WA native plants. These species are well suited for our dry climate, are more fire resistant, and require less water. Our Wholesale Nursery supply these species along with other shrubs and advanced trees.

Looking for a complete garden maintenance package? Receive a free quote from us by contacting us at (08) 9375 4930 or via email!