17 Jul
Property restores endangered Banksia woodlands

Property restores endangered Banksia woodlands

Our two Property Services teams located in Mandurah and Midvale recently combined forces to complete a restoration project in Cockburn. 

WA’s rare biodiversity 

The task involved revitalising an endangered Banksia woodland area and implementing treatment and preventative measures to ensure future growth.  

This is an ecological community of unique native plants and wildlife only found in the Southwest Australia global biodiversity hotspot of WA’s Swan Coastal Plain. The botanical garden at King’s Park is a good example of this. 

Due to extensive clearing, climate change, and damage from Dieback infection, these areas are rapidly decreasing.  

The situation requires an immediate and comprehensive approach to protect our precious endangered species. So here’s what we did. 

Client: City of Cockburn 
Period: 2020 

  • Soil re-profiling 
  • Pre-planting environmental weed control 
  • Pre-planting hydrophobic soil treatment 
  • Plant installation 
  • Tree guard installation and maintenance work 
  • Implemented Dieback prevention measures and provided staff training 

To effectively look after a banksia woodland area, non-natives plants should be removed, the soil treated, and native plants reintroduced.  

For this project, native seedlings were specially sourced from our accredited Wholesale Nursery. Teams also completed monitoring and reports and ensured that all preventative measures were in place for the future. 

Why are the Banksia Woodlands so important? 

Very few Banksia woodland areas exist within the Perth Swan Coastal Plain. However it is the sole home of over 2,100 plant species, 2,250 invertebrates, and 256 vertebrates. It also: 

  • Provides a valuable food source for over 20 nationally threatened native animals like the Carnaby’s black cockatoo 
  • Offers vital habitat for many native wildflowers 
  • Contributes to the ecosystem by regulating temperature and filtering air pollution 
  • Helps support soil health, crop pollination, and pest management 

Our Property team have a passion for nature and take environmental conservation seriously. As experienced horticulturalists we’ve worked across a range of areas and alongside our Environmental Services division on various remote projects.  

For more details on the range of commercial and environmental areas we maintain, contact us today! Email or call us on (08) 9375 4930.