26 Jun
Property Services provides commercial garden services

Property Services provides commercial garden services

At Property Services Mandurah, we pride ourselves on the work we do in the community. After 11 years in the garden maintenance industry, we have a reputation and passion for maintaining beautiful commercial spaces.  

Here are some reasons why local businesses and organisations choose us to care for their properties. 

Cultivating green spaces 

Our Property team are well equip at handling most gardening needs. On top of complete pruning, watering, and weed control, they have years of experience in knowing what makes a good garden. This includes: 

  • Turf specialisation 
  • Weed control methods 
  • Servicing irrigation systems 
  • Managing pest and disease issues 

Team members also possess plenty of knowledge on WA native plants, having completed numerous projects alongside our Environmental division

We just recently worked on revitalising the gardens and amenities for the Mandurah Community Health Centre. With restrictions lifted these public venues are now in full use and busier than ever supporting the community.  

Other areas we’ve maintained include various nature parks and reserves, businesses, tertiary institutions, and aged care homes.  

It’s important that our community is well looked after. So we make sure to do our job right so that businesses can focus on their work.  

Making a difference to the community 

While we work to maintain commercial gardens and reserves in the community, we also support our employees to grow. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, we support people with disability to build valuable experience as part of our team. Working on different contracts helps them develop a wide skillset and a strong knowledge in horticulture and WA natives.  

It also helps widen their networks, leads to further career opportunities, and enables them to become active members of the community.  

To find quality garden maintenance that you can rely on, get in touch with us! Call (08) 9375 4930 or email us today.