07 Dec
Protect your bushland from dieback this summer

Protect your bushland from dieback this summer

As the weather warms up, more people will be out and about in our native reserves. But while it’s great to be outdoors and enjoying our native wildlife, it also puts our bushland at high risk of deadly dieback spread.

Here’s what you need to know to protect your bushland or reserve this season.

A deadly infection

WA has a very rare and diverse range of native flora and fauna that can’t thrive anywhere else in the world. And due to rampant spread of infection, phytophthora dieback threatens over 40% of our native species.

Our South West region in particular is at grave risk – in fact our Stirling Range National Park is already 80% infected.

Once infected, dieback stops the plants from absorbing nutrients and water. It’s also not easy to detect and diagnose.

Dieback spreads mainly through human activity and the movement of infected soil on footwear and vehicles. There’s no cure yet, so it’s critical that measures are taken to ensure protection ahead of the holiday season.

Protect your land this summer

Our Environmental team are ready to face this challenge.

Through the years we maintained bushlands and reserves for multiple local governments, and used our expertise to expand into dieback treatment management.

With full qualifications, equipment, and relevant licenses, our team mapped, assessed, and treated the City of Cockburn’s Banksia Eucalypt Woodland Reserve.

In late August we attended the annual Dieback Working Group’s Dieback Information Group (DIG) Conference. Government, community, industry individuals alike shared research and treatments for native plant diseases like phytophthora dieback.

Our experienced staff showcased their services and hosted an interactive demonstration outside the conference venue. Guests tried out different tools used for phosphite treatments and learned how they are applied.

See our process in action

Following assessment and treatment, we provide a thorough report for your record system and recommendations for prevention and rehabilitation. Protection against dieback infection takes careful maintenance, and we can provide a management plan to suit your requirements.

We also provide your team with the necessary training to safeguard against future infection.

You can take a closer look at our process. For a free quote, contact Alex Growden here or at (08) 9375 4950 today!