02 May
Protecting WA’s biodiversity

Protecting WA’s biodiversity

Western Australia is home to many unique plants and animals, but few know just how much biodiversity we possess. Out of 35 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots in the world, Australia has two, and WA’s south-west is one of them.

  • A hotspot is an area that has an intact, natural ecosystem with a high amount of local species not found elsewhere
  • These species are considered endemic, as they cannot relocate or thrive when taken out of the area
  • Hotspots suffer from significant loss of habitat, leading to a great loss of endemic plants and animals

Did you know?

  • WA holds 8 out of Australia’s 15 biodiversity hotspots
  • Most of these are located in the Southwest Australia Ecoregion or ‘Kwongan’ region
  • This area is home to an incredible 1500 plant species, most of which are exclusive to the south-west!

Protecting our heritage

Factors like a stable climate and the pollination process are why south-west WA is so rich in rare plants and animals. Understanding the unique ecosystem is key to preserving this biological heritage. The recent Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 aims to do this through stricter regulations and penalties, and better community promotion. Local governments and private organisations are encouraged to protect and maintain the environment, especially conservation sites.

WA specialists

Our Environmental Services team have been doing just that. They specialise in a variety of services for environmental rehabilitation and maintenance, like erosion control, seed collection, wetland management, and weed control. Maintaining parks, reserves, and conservation sites for local governments like the City of Rockingham, City of Cockburn and others are a regular part of their work.

The local provenance seed collection services they offer protect biodiversity and ensure that natives plants will thrive in a familiar climate. And they also recently provided mapping and treatment of Phytophthora dieback, a great threat to native species. The team specialises in all aspects of environmental management across the diverse WA climate.

One by one, we’re doing our part to protect our rich biodiversity.

Find out more about our Environmental Services today by contacting us here or calling (08) 9375 4950.