11 Dec
Quality and safety make top priorities for Northlink

Quality and safety make top priorities for Northlink

Our green teams work together with CPB Contracting to deliver on one of our largest contracts to date for the Northlink Highway project! Here’s how we kept quality and safety at the forefront of our work for the entire project. 

Client: CPB Contracting 

Project: Stage 3 Northlink Perth to Darwin Highway 

Duration: May 2019 – May 2020 


  • Producing 720,000 tubestock and 200kg of seed  
  • Growth of 68 plant varieties specific to this project  
  • Plant installation and management 
  • Installation of 355 trees for Brand Highway interchange 

A significant opportunity 

CPB Contracting awarded Workpower this significant landscaping project worth $900,000: making it our largest one year contract to date. 

This is a huge opportunity for staff across our Environmental Services and Nursery businesses to rise to the challenge.  

Our production team utilised their extensive horticultural experience to hand grow hundreds of different native varieties, including 68 species specific for Northlink. The team worked tirelessly to produce 720,000 high quality tubestock for planting, with each individual plant checked for quality control and prepared for delivery. 

Safety is always first 

Plant installation for a project this size was no small task, and comes with certain safety risks. With 40 staff employed at an isolated working site, and up to 20 working in a single day, it takes significant coordination and diligence to avoid any incidents. 

We’re pleased to report just that, as our project coordinators Kevin and Matt ensured safety remained a top priority through the entire six month planting period.  

2019 has resulted in outstanding outcomes for both our green teams, who have gained significant experience from this project. Now motorists on the Northlink Highway can enjoy a lush, WA native landscape in years to come. 

Find out more about our previous work on Northlink and our other contracts. To contact our green team, email us or call (08) 9375 4950 today.