06 Jan
Range highlight: wetland rushes and sedges

Range highlight: wetland rushes and sedges

Next up in our Wholesale Nursery plant series are our modest and resilient wetland range. We discuss the various properties of rushes and sedges and why they make an optimal choice for revegetation and landscape projects. 

Natural benefits 

Rushes and sedges play an important role in erosion prevention. They possess shallow surface roots that spread far and are easy to grow, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance. This makes them a practical choice for wetland areas.  

Native species are also good for: 

  • Improving water quality  
  • Weed control and prevention 
  • Trapping soil, water, and nutrients 

Like other WA natives, these plants offer a natural habitat for local fauna like little grass birds. You can find more details about rushes and sedges here.  

Our grass range 

Our sedges and rushes are specially chosen and grown to last. They are a popular choice for our landscapers, with over 100,000 wetland plants produced each year. 

At the Nursery we have a dedicated wetland area where we cultivate stock in optimal conditions. This means that our rushes and sedges grow naturally and will adapt well when planted. 

Some species we stock include: 

  • Juncus 
  • Baumea 
  • Schoenoplectus 

It takes about 4 to 6 months to grow, depending on the species and method of propagation. These are grown either from seed, division, or tissue culture.  

The Nursery stocks around 15 commonly used rush and sedge varieties in a range of sizes and colours. We also grow others on special order if required. They are available in 63 cell, forestry tubes, and also 140 cm pots. 

Our team hold years’ of experience growing wetland varieties for revegetation and landscaping projects, like the stunning Burswood Park. We can help you find the right plants to suit your next development. 

Talk to us today for an obligation-free quote on email or at (08) 9445 4900. You can also keep an eye out for our seasonal specials by following our latest news.