24 Feb
Ready to clean up Australia?

Ready to clean up Australia?

We’re getting ready to clean up our act in the coming week, as Clean Up Australia ramps up. Here’s what is coming up and how you can do your part, whether it’s at work, home, at school, or by yourself. 

The workplace 

On the 26th February we’re encouraging businesses and organisations to rally together and fight waste. This could be a team-building clean up activity at a local park or an office clear out.  

And instead of throwing away unwanted office materials, recycle or donate them at the Balcatta Recycling Shop. We can work with you to arrange bulk drop-offs if needed. 

Other changes include making long-term, sustainable switches in your workplace, like:  

  • Using recycled paper  
  • Consider going paperless
  • Swap to energy-efficient lighting  

Not only will it save our planet but it could also pay off at the bottom line. Get in touch with our recycling team to see how else you can improve your workplace and the environment. 

Schools and youths 

Teaching the next generation to think sustainably is key to ensuring they make the right choices as adults. That’s why we encourage schools and youth groups to get behind the clean up cause on the 28th February. Students and staff can work together to clear up a designated area, whether that’s the school grounds, office, or a local park. 

Apart from picking up rubbish, learning to reuse and recycle are equally important. In 2018 the Balcatta Recycling Shop donated materials to the Balcatta Primary School towards an upcycled mud kitchen. Now their students can learn about reusing whilst enjoying the outdoors and play equipment. 

There’s many ways to reduce waste and encourage sustainability in the classroom, and you can pick any day of the year to organise a class activity. 

Everyone can make a difference 

And finally, on the 1st March we welcome autumn with a clean slate. You can help clean up our natural beaches and reserves, engage with the community, and make sustainable changes for the future.  

This could include: 

  • Joining or creating your own Clean Up event 
  • Developing your own garden patch  
  • Choosing energy efficient appliances 
  • Switching to natural cleaning and personal products 

We’ll be releasing a brand new series that targets lots of small and big ways to go green – there’s certainly more to it than just recycling! Stay tuned for more and follow the journey on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.  

To chat with us, call 1800 610 665 or drop us an email