15 Oct
Recognising our carers

Recognising our carers

National Carers Week runs alongside Mental Health Week from 10th to 17th October. It’s a time to recognise and be aware of the important role that carers play in our communities. There are 2.65 million carers in Australia supporting people with disability, the elderly, and others who need support every day and it’s time to say thank you for their dedication. 

Like last year, we are asking carers across the country to Tell Us Why You Care. Many people have different reasons why they provide care, and it’s often because of someone they care deeply about. We’d like to hear your stories of what you do and why it matters to you. 

You share send us your carer story to share, or submit one here. 

Get involved 

There are ways you can support the carers in your life and let them know you care. One of the best ways to start is by talking to a carer that you know. They can be your carer or care for someone else. 

You can talk to them about why they do what they do and what care they provide. Everyone has different needs, and therefore caring for someone varies widely. 

You can also ask them if there’s something that they would like others to know about being a carer. Providing unpaid care is often overlooked and unrecognised, and it’s important that carers are being seen and supported in their role.  

Lastly, if you are grateful to your carer for looking after you, why not show them your appreciation? Give them a small gift, host an event, or simply say thank you for their help.  

There are also a number of online events available this week to check out here

Thank you carers 

We work with many families and carers to provide tailored supports and services for people with disability. In our work we have an appreciation for the work involved in providing care, and are grateful to carers for their dedication and commitment.  

To all the carers out there, thank you for doing what you do! 

Our support programs not only support people with disability but also give carers a break from their work.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you, contact us today! Call 1800 610 665 or email us here.