09 Nov
Recycling Week 2020: Six steps to sustainability

Recycling Week 2020: Six steps to sustainability

Everyone has a role to play in maintaining our environment. This week we’re looking at simple ways to incorporate sustainability into our lives.  

Take a look at these six suggestions and think about how you could incorporate one or more of these changes into your life. 

Rethink consumption 

We live in a world where it’s easy to take and forget what we leave behind. So how can we stop this? First, think before we buy something new. Ask yourself if you really need this, or alternatively, if you could buy it secondhand at reuse shops like Balcatta or Tamala Park. 

Look around your home and think about what you can reuse instead of buying. If you can’t use it yourself you can pass it to someone else. Local Buy Nothing Facebook groups are great for this. 

Challenge food waste 

Wasting food can be avoided with some creativity and preparation. It helps to keep a list of all the ingredients in you fridge and the dates when they should be used so you keep track of what you’ve got. Use lists to plan your meals and buy only what you need.  

Reduce packaging 

Choose to refuse buying items with excessive packaging and say no to single use. Instead, buy loose and in bulk. Always bring a shopping bag with you in case you end up needing to carry something. 

Share resources 

When we pool our resources and share, everyone wins. By paying a small fee you can be a part of a group that shares the cost of items and equipment that would otherwise be expensive to own. If you have too much of something, you can pass it on or sell it and support your local community. 

Treasure your tech 

We live by our technology, so it’s time we took care of it. Repairing your devices instead of buying new could be a more cost-effective and sustainable option. If you can’t fix it, why not buy secondhand first.  

Both Balcatta and Tamala Park shops stock a range of tested electronics and appliances for a good price. We can also safely recycle your e-waste, batteries, and devices. 

Be a sustainable champion 

Everyone has the power to make change and encourage this in our communities and industries. You can do this by using your money on eco-friendly products and services. Be the one who encourages change in your workplace, local community group, or club. 

How can you live more sustainably? Let us know what changes you’ve introduced in your lifestyle. 

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