25 Jun
Rhys makes great strides towards his career

Rhys makes great strides towards his career

Rhys is a proactive and motivated individual, who’s been working hard with his Community Support Officer (CSO) Chris to gain valuable work experience. Now he’s secured a position that will be a great stepping stone towards developing his career! Chris tells us about his inspiring journey.

A proactive approach

Rhys joined us about 19 months ago. He had a clear focus on increasing his job prospects and learning new life skills. From these goals we developed a plan that would support him as he completed work experience and applied for jobs.

He first started working at 16 at his local Gilbert’s Fresh Market, and has had various positions since then, including working in the family business. Rhys also spent a year volunteering with the Friends of Kings Park program. He gained valuable horticultural skills whilst contributing to the environment. Keep up the great work, Rhys!

Rhys lives with his supportive family and is passionate about swimming. He’s really talented in other sports as well, and will soon represent WA as part of the State cricket team in the Lord’s Taverners division!

I’m delighted to report that, during our time together, Rhys achieved many of the goals he set his heart to. These include getting a driver’s license, fort lift ticket, and a White Card construction work qualification.

Hard work pays off

Now his dedication and commitment to improving himself has paid off – he’s successfully obtained a position at Coles in Swan View! This is an awesome opportunity given their comprehensive training and inclusion programs. What a massive achievement!

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Rhys over the last couple of months and seeing his inspiring progress. I’ve supported him in his job search and to prepare cover letters, streamline his resume, and apply for various positions online. But most importantly, I’ve encouraged him to remain positive about his future prospects.

Rhys has also learned many new life skills like budgeting, looking for suitable housing, and understanding his employment contract and their expectations and policies.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you, Rhys. Congratulations on your new position – you’ve earned it! I hope that you never lose sight of your abilities and future prospects, whether they be professional or personal.

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