07 Jul
Right at home for the Workpower DAAP team

Right at home for the Workpower DAAP team

Exciting things are happening for Workpower’s Defence Administration Assistance Program (DAAP) team.

Earlier this year, the team was delighted to relocate back into their initial offices that had undergone a complete renovation.

The building itself was completely gutted and renovated, allowing more than 150 employees to be based there from all different departments, encouraging a cohesive and cooperative working environment.

The DAAP team consists of nine supported employees alongside two Workpower Support Coaches who work on behalf of the Department of Defence to assist with administrative needs such as shredding, filing, and digitising records.

The renovations and new workplace are just one of a number of things supported employee Shariq Sharma loves about his job.

“I like hanging out with all my mates and Lucy and with Gagan and stuff. I like building new relationships,” Shariq said.

“My favourite thing is that everyone is so nice and wonderful.”

Supported employees at the forefront

The Department of Defence base staff at Garden Island and project management offered to work closely with the Workpower team to ensure all accessibility needs were met.

The appreciative team at Workpower were thrilled to learn they were more than catered for with additions to the office such as an independent shredding room with soundproofing, accessible kitchen tables, chairs and sinks as well as more accessible toilets.

Workpower Business Enterprises Team Leader, Lucy Elliott was extremely impressed with how accessible and inclusive the base has become for her team.

“The team is truly grateful to Base Management and the Navy/Defence for being considered as an important service to HMAS Stirling, enough so that we were given a brand-new office that considered the needs of our team,” Lucy said.

“We believe our hard work, dedication and the relationships we have built over the past six months has been integral to this.”

Project Management looked after the entire move and even involved some of our supported employees in the demolition process – all completely safe of course!

Great reviews from the Workpower DAAP team

Understandably, the Workpower team is more than satisfied with the renovations, with our team already feeling right at home in the new work space.
“I like how new it is. I’m looking forward to working in the reception area,” Jeremy Hay said.

“I like having the shredder room separate so it doesn’t get too noisy in the main office.”

Another Workpower supported employee, Garrick Snell said he is excited about the new tasks he will undertake.

“My favourite part is the reception area, I’m going to show customers where things and people are,” Garrick said.

“This office is good because it’s new, has good scenery and is better than the old office.”

About the DAAP team

Workpower’s DAAP team has been working with the Department of Defence on Garden Island for six years.

The team of nine works to provide administrative assistance to all defence staff based on and off the island, and have become part of the team.

It’s a great show of how people with disability can improve morale in a workplace all whilst providing beneficial help to a team. If you’d like to know more about how you can involve people with disability in your workplace, contact us on 1800 610 665.