08 Jul
Ronyn conquers the quad bike

Ronyn conquers the quad bike

In the last 12 months Ronyn has shown incredible growth in skills and confidence in his growing role at the Wholesale Nursery. Here’s how he smashed his goal. 

Setting up for success

Ronyn joined the Wholesale Nursery in October 2014 and has worked hard on setting and achieving new goals every year. Last year he set himself a whole new challenge: to ride and operate the quad bike!  

This is a complex piece of machinery that plays an important role in ensuring we meet production deadlines. To operate a quad bike you need the right training and to pass a number of safety requirements, procedures, and a final practical test. But Ronyn was motivated and keen to start! 

Growing confident on the bike

With encouragement from support staff Geordie and Marika, Ronyn passed all safety requirements and procedures before getting started. He gradually grew familiar with the different functions, and it wasn’t long before he began assisting with orders.  

Not long after he passed his final practical and became fully qualified on the bike! 

“Ronyn’s safety awareness and the pride he takes in his work is second to none,” reports Geordie and Marika. 

“He’s a fabulous role model to others in his team and they are very proud of his work.”  

Through his training Ronyn has also developed his leadership skills. Now he gives instructions to others and assists them to load the bike. As a result, the whole team is collaborating on a new level! 

And with his new expertise, Ronyn is helping us meet deadlines with more efficiency. 

The next step

Having conquered the quad bike, Ronyn wants to learn to drive the tractor next! He’s keen to continue building his skillset and helping the rest of the team. Great job Ronyn, keep up the awesome work!

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