31 Jan
Royal Commission part 2: what are they focusing on?

Royal Commission part 2: what are they focusing on?

Over the next three years, the Royal Commission will travel around Australia conducting hearings, forums, and gathering information from people with disability, their families, and carers. 

We talk about the areas the Commission will focus on and how to make a submission of your own.

Focus areas and topics 

The Royal Commission is divided into focus areas which are reviewed one by one. For each topic an Issue Paper is produced before the public hearing, outlining the key issues, scope, and questions involved.  

The public is invited to give feedback that can shape how the investigation is conducted. Workshops with service providers, disability advocates, and Indigenous people with disability also helped form the basis of these inquiries. 

Progress Report released last month outlines what they have covered so far: 

Education and learning 

The Commission began by reviewing current policies and practices in Queensland state and special schools. They looked at barriers towards inclusivity for students with disability, including experiences of exclusion and segregation, and the teacher-student relationship.  

Witnesses offered testimony at a public hearing on the 4 to 7th November 2019 at Townsville. 

Group homes 

On the 2 to 6th December the Commission held a public hearing in Melbourne. They assessed testimony and evidence regarding instances of abuse and exploitation of people with disability in group homes. Points discussed include restrictive practices in homes and the rights of people to choose where they reside. 

 Next month the commissioners will look at access to health care for people with cognitive disability, and then the criminal justice system in March. 

To give feedback or suggestions to any of the issue papers submit your feedback here. Also check out the full schedule of upcoming hearings, forums, and workshops this year. 

How to be involved  

There are a number of ways to give feedback and share your experiences with the Royal Commission. You can do so by: 

  • Sending through a written submission 
  • Giving testimony through the phone, email or mail 
  • Attending a workshop or community forum 
  • Attending a public hearing or private session 

Various options are available for accessibility and submissions are confidential. Free legal advice, counselling, and advocacy services are also available.

We encourage all who would like to make a submission to do so: if you require help with this let us know. Talk to us at 1800 610 665 or on email today. Stay up to date and tune in next time for more updates.