23 Dec
Ruby marches ahead as Nursery team leader

Ruby marches ahead as Nursery team leader

We talk to one of our capable Nursery team leaders, Ruby, about her time with us and what skills she’s developed. 

Ruby’s journey with us started in 2010 when she visited the Wholesale Nursery for our Workplace Learning program. She had an interest in working in horticulture and visited other nurseries, but decided that ours was the best fit for her. We’re glad she picked us, as Ruby has grown into a great team member and role model for the others. 

Growing confidence 

At first, Ruby was quiet and experienced difficulty in expressing herself. But as she grew accustomed to regular work and bonded with her team, her confidence bloomed.  

Ruby helps staff load and unload the delivery van and assists in weeding at nature reserves during the off-periods. However her favourite task is working outside with her team members to weed and pot plants for orders. Together they form an efficient production line that can prepare hundreds of plants at a time! 

Now Ruby banters with her coworkers, expresses herself clearly, and is learning to lead others. 

Taking the lead 

As her horticultural experience grew, Ruby decided to take on additional responsibilities as team leader. Taking turns with other coworkers, she leads a smaller team with a set of instructions for the day’s work. This requires Ruby to collaborate with Nursery staff, support her team, and make sure everyone remains focused. 

She takes pride in her role and in helping operations run smoothly at the Nursery. 

And in addition, Ruby has been working towards another goal which is to ride the quad bike. After practicing for several months with the support team, she plans to take the practical test when ready. Good luck to you Ruby, and keep up the hard work! 

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