18 Dec
Safe road trip travels

Safe road trip travels

This is the year for intrastate travel, and many families will be out exploring the farthest reaches of WA for the holidays.  

If you’ve got plans to drive long distance, there’s a number of things you should consider before you take off. 

Plan ahead 

When planning your getaway, make note of the roads you’re taking. Some roads may get busier than others during this time so check the traffic report before leaving. Make sure you know where the nearby stops are for when you need the toilet, gas, or food. 

Driving long distance is tiring, so include regular breaks. Avoid driving during at sunrise or sunset, as this is the time when animals, especially kangaroos, are most active and may cause trouble on the roads. 

Check your car before you take off 

Travelling in regional WA means less access to supplies, so ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before leaving. Check that: 

  • You have enough fuel, oil, and coolant to last the trip 
  • Your tyres and spare are pumped and in good condition 
  • All gauges, lights, and indicators are working 
  • There are no leaks from your car 

 Find more details from the RAC. 

Still tired? Take a break 

It’s recommended to drive no longer than eight hours a day and to take breaks every two hours. But if you’ve taken a break and still find yourself closing your eyes, then it’s time to stop.  

Swap with someone, take a coffee break, or pull over safely and grab some quick zzz’s.  

Tell others where you’re going 

If you’re planning a multi-stop getaway or are going somewhere remote it’s a good idea to let your family or friends know your whereabouts.  
If anything goes wrong, they can get you further assistance. 

Remember to follow road rules at all times and drive with reason this holiday season. Happy travels everyone! 

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