05 May
Safe supports in the community

Safe supports in the community

Over the last two months we have made changes to our community supports to continue supporting people with disability in a safe, low-risk way. Our one-on-one supports help people with disability to learn new skills, work towards their goals, and importantly stay engaged and socially connected, despite current restrictions.

Throughout the COVID-19 situation, we have been dedicated to continuing to monitor risks and maintain our strict safety procedures in line with Government restrictions, to protect our people at all times. You can view our latest update here.

One-on-one supports include safe activities like exercising to assist people with their health and fitness goals, as well as in home supports.  

These are just some other creative activities our people have been engaging in, to keep having fun and learning while social distancing.

Creating messy art

Coralee attended painting sessions at the local Baskerville Memorial Hall with support worker Tracey.  Following the community centre closure, they decided to take their art sessions into nature instead.

Together they found an empty local park, put down a protective sheet, and set up the area for some messy art fun.  Coralee had a great time experimenting with different textures and effects and created unique splashed paint artworks. Afterwards they made sure to clean up the area and leave no rubbish behind.

Music jam session

David enjoys music and making others smile. So together with support worker Brody, they visited a nearby park for a fun jam session. Here’s a recording of David singing his favourite song, “What A Wonderful World”, with Brody on guitar.

This song never fails to bring a smile to our faces!

Enjoying the outdoors

Last week, Jack and his support worker Mohammed took a walk along the South Perth foreshore and enjoyed the good weather and fresh air.

The Performing Arts workshop that he attended previously was also starting at this time. Using a mobile phone, Jack joined the session online and followed along with all the dance moves while sitting on a bench at the park.

Connecting online

Joining an online session is another way to connect with others, build skills, and try different activities.

Whether at home or out with a support worker, our online classes let you participate in exercise classes, art sessions, and even theatre or dance workshops. This includes a series of activities to help you build skills towards work experience and finding employment. It’s also a great way to hang out with friends and meet new people. To register for an online session head to our booking page. For community supports contact us on email today.