09 Aug
Say hello to our newest BRS team members

Say hello to our newest BRS team members

In February we said hello to a handful of new members at our Balcatta Recycling Shop. As one of our social enterprises we’ve opened up new work opportunities that get more of our employees involved and engaged with the community. 

An integrated workplace 

On behalf of the City of Stirling, we manage the Balcatta Recycling Shop and provide free recycling facilities for the public. We see over 16,000 visitors each month to the shop and recycling area, and have a dedicated team committed to helping customers sustainably reuse and recycle. 

Unlike our other social enterprises, many of our team members work independently in different roles. Working at Balcatta provides a unique chance to: 

  • Build a new range of skills 
  • Boost independence and confidence  
  • Meet new people and develop relationships within the community 

At the start of the year we said hello to a couple of new faces, including Deb as part of our support staff. She’s there to support and guide our new recruits as they ease into their roles and grow their experience. 

According to her, our new team members Michael, James, and Colin are doing great so far!  

  • Michael is a friendly fellow who shows initiative to work and is looking to expand his working hours 
  • James has an eye for detail and enjoys sorting the electronics section 
  • Colin enjoys being in the workplace, maintaining our entertainment area, and speaking to customers 

Everyone has adjusted to the new work environment and the tasks assigned to them. And with Deb’s encouragement they are working towards expanding their skills further. For example James is starting to growing in confidence and will greet customers, initiate conversation, and help customers with questions. 

Support while you work 

The great thing about our social enterprises is the variety of employment options we offer. We tailor our supports to suit your needs, and help you work towards your goals. This could be to join the workplace for the first time, return to work, or change career.  

And if you decide on a new goal, that’s no problem – we’re here to support you as you develop and grow. 

If you’d like more info about the opportunities available, get in touch with us today via email or at 1800 610 665. You can also read other employment stories here