02 Aug
School Holiday Program customers get their hands dirty for a good cause

School Holiday Program customers get their hands dirty for a good cause

School Holiday Program customers Jessica, Jaimelee and Oliver spent a sunny winter’s day getting their hands dirty for a good cause at the Mandurah Community Gardens.

Engaged as part of Workpower’s School Holiday Program, the group and their support coaches helped volunteers with planting tasks, while cultivating their own skills.

Volunteering for a good cause

After exploring the garden and learning more about plants from the Community Gardens Host Volunteer Cheryl, the team helped prepare pots for planting and plant seedlings. Once done, each potted plant was labelled and attendees took care to creatively decorate each pot.

The volunteer opportunity was a great way for attendees to experience and develop an appreciation of nature and gardening. In addition to building confidence, the experience helped them develop life skills and engage with the community.

“It was such a wonderful day,” says Team Leader Lisa Driehuis. 

“It was so successful because it allowed the children to get back to nature and learn how food grows. But most importantly, they were able to have fun getting their hands dirty and helping others for a good cause.”

Supporting the community is important to a number of attendees, including Jaimelee. She expressed an interest in returning another time to help paint the worm farms. As a budding artist, she’s keen to use her skills for a good cause and make the garden a welcoming space for locals.

School holiday program fun

Held every school holiday, our July program provided 34 customers across Perth and Mandurah with a variety of in-house and community activities. Attendees had a terrific time participating in activities like competitions, gym ball fitness sessions, and a pirate treasure hunt.

The Workpower team ensure that each program is tailored to our customers and their interests and needs. Our goal is to provide opportunities to build skills, meet new people, and connect to the community. As part of this we encourage them to support others, which helps them further engage with the community.

If you’d like to join our next School Holiday Program in September then contact us today to register your interest. Call 1800 610 665 or email us at info@workpower.asn.au.