28 Dec
Sean steals the spotlight with his vocals!

Sean steals the spotlight with his vocals!

After the massive success of All Aboard!, today we’re celebrating the achievements of Sean, Workpower’s multi-talented singer, actor, and performer! His Community Support Officer Evonne shares with us his amazing progress with Music Rocks Australia.

Sean has been a part of Music Rocks Australia for several years now, and during that time I’ve had the privilege of watching him grow.

He started with the saxophone and mastered the basics quickly. But when he decided to try vocals that’s when he found his true calling – he’s been the lead singer of the Workpower band for the past two years now. He led the band in November’s production All Aboard! with passionate renditions of songs like ‘Hey Baby’ and Bruno Mar’s ‘That’s What I Like’!

Sean embraced this role wholeheartedly. In each weekly rehearsal he gave valuable feedback and input that helped bring the band members together. His assistance was also invaluable to the ensemble directors. Sean adapted extremely well to some difficult changes, and grew in confidence and ability.

Sean’s hard work and passion have paid off. His singing has only gotten better, and now he’s able to reach high notes that others can only dream of!

It’s clear that Sean thrives in the music scene. He loves singing, listening to music, learning the techniques, and being part of a band, especially being the lead singer of the Workpower band. His role gives him a sense of pride and ownership in his abilities.

His musical evolution is outstanding, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of his journey – not only as a talented musician, but as a independent individual.

Well done Sean – we can’t wait to see your next performance!

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