10 Apr
See our new plant catalogue

See our new plant catalogue

While our community deals with the current COVID-19 situation, our green teams continue to work behind the scenes to support WA developments and infrastructure.

To that purpose, our Wholesale Nursery has cultivated a wide range of natives to suit all purposes. With over 300 different types of rushes, shrubs, and trees, it’s a surprise that the team can remember them all!  

As the range expands with our specialised advanced tree farm, we have a solution to help you find what you need. 

Browse the full range 

Our plant catalogue will include hundreds of native species and their many varieties. Each item will be categorised with handy information about expected size, soil type, and care instructions. 

The catalogue includes: 

See the catalogue here! 

If you see something you like, we can grow it to your specifications. Make sure to place your order today.  

Protecting our biodiversity 

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo 

Following significant habitat destruction and degradation, developers and landscapers are recommended to include native varieties that support the endangered species, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.  

As a NIASA accredited plant nursery, we grow a number of native plants that provide food and habitat for the cockatoos. We can also recommend how to arrange and maintain the landscape so that it attracts the most native wildlife.  

Environmental rehabilitation 

Given the damage caused from the latest bushfire season, it’s more important now than ever to protect WA’s unique biodiversity.  

Our Environmental Services division work with local governments year round to rehabilitate our natural landscape. Working hand in hand with our Nursery and Property teams, they reduce fire fuel vegetation, install fire breaks, and rejuvenate soil for replanting.  

If you need assistance navigating our range or don’t know what’s best for your project, then talk to us. Our horticultural experts will use their experience to plan, design, and implement the perfect green space for your needs. 

Contact us on email or call (08) 9375 4900 today.