13 Jan
Share your feedback with us

Share your feedback with us

Everyone has the right to provide feedback about their services and supports.  

You might have something to say about how your support was delivered, something that happened during the support, or an event that happened because of your support. 

We want to hear from you when things go right, but also when: 

  • You’ve been treated badly  
  • Something hurts you or makes you upset  
  • Something is wrong or not working as it should 

Your feedback helps us improve services for you and the rest of the people with disability we support. This means we continue improving our services and making sure they are always safe and good quality. 

Want to give feedback? 

If you want to share something with us you can first talk to your support worker or supervisor or manager. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can submit your feedback or comments online. 

Submit feedback here. 

You can also call our feedback number and talk to our team:
Feedback number: (08) 9445 6540 (Available Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm) 

Looking for some support? 

Advocacy services can help you understand your rights and connect you with services that can help protect your rights.  

If you need support to give feedback or make a complaint you can contact an advocacy service in your area. See here for more details.