06 Feb
SHP finds new options for sensory overload

SHP finds new options for sensory overload

Another great outcome from our School Holiday Program is finding new ways to cater for and engage our participants. Today we’re sharing the participant’s first experience at Rebound and how it could cater to those who have issues with sensory overload.

I can bounce high, I can bounce low.
It is up to me how it goes.
I can sit on my bottom to bounce, I can stand on my feet.
It is up to me how it goes.

This is how the SHP participants felt when they tried bouncing on the trampolines at the Rebound Arena in Rockingham. The arena is made up of various colourful trampolines with different areas for performing aerial tricks, rock climbing, playing dodgeball, and making slam dunks. The children loved being able to jump and spin in the air, and quickly started doing tricks and playing games.

Sam enjoying his time on the trampolines.

Catering for sensory overload

But not only is it a fun, engaging activity that keeps them active, but can be adapted for a low sensory environment. Beth Stone, our South West Team Leader, did some research on different activities that would engage participants of all abilities.

“For our January program I wanted to try something different,” says Beth.

“I’m so excited to work with Brett from Rebound on this promising, new project.”

The program

The sensory sessions would suit individuals with autism, ADHD, or those with any motor or social difficulties or sensitive to sensory input. Normal environments can prove upsetting for them and they may not be able to be as involved in activities.

It aims to:

  • Limit sensory exposure and create a calm environment
  • Encourage development of fine motor skills
  • Boost team building and social interaction

“It’s wonderful to see more establishments like Rebound understanding and catering for the needs of everyone in the community.” says Beth.

It’s clear that the participants loved every minute on the trampolines. You can be sure that they’ll be back for the next SHP! You can download details on the sensory program here.

Stay tuned for more information for the upcoming April program! To register or enquire, contact Stephany Macguire for North/South Perth at 0447 799 919, or Beth for the South West program at 0439 943 916.

For more about what the rest of our Community Programs can offer you, check us out here or call 1800 610 665.