02 Feb
SHP provides stepping stone for the future

SHP provides stepping stone for the future

With our January 2018 School Holiday Programs finished on the 19th, we’ve been blown away by the outstanding response. Families old and new to our services have embraced the program and its possibilities. Today we’re sharing some heartwarming feedback from our SHP’s South West Team Leader Beth Stone.

“I had to think hard about what SHP story to share, as there’s just too many!” says Beth.

From the 8th – 19th January the participants of the program get to try all sorts of exciting activities, like visiting koalas at the Cohunu Koala Wildlife Park and making glow-in-the-dark 3D paintings. After years of providing support, she’s got a few stories to share about our amazing participants.

Tilly’s story

Tilly signs her very own NDIS plan!

“I was there to support Matilda on her first day of Year 1. Now, 12 years later, I had the privilege of being there when she signed her own NDIS agreement and took the future into her hands.”

Matilda, nicknamed affectionately as Tilly, has signed up for our next SHP and is already working hard with her CSO Zoe on being independent, working on her Transport training ,and getting involved in her community.

Madeline’s story

Another young woman, Madeline, has been taking great strides with her supports.

As a die-hard Dockers fan, she’s passionate about fitness and being healthy. Together with her CSO Renee, she’s exploring different ways to exercise and have fun. She attends her local gym and swimming centre, and can’t wait for the next SHP!

New opportunities with NDIS

As the NDIS is rolled out in the area, it’s changing lives and providing options that families never had before. Now not only can they enrol their children in the SHP, but they can receive individualised supports and after school/weekend care too.

The extra support goes a long way towards building the participant’s life skills. And not only do the participants love the program, but it means the world for their families too.

“The participants are so engaged and enthusiastic, and gain confidence with every day!”

After 12 new families joined the January program, places for the April 2018 program are filling fast! If you’d like to enquire or register, get in contact with Beth for the South West program here or at 0439 943 916, or Stephany Macguire for North/South Perth here or at 0447 799 919.

For more information about what supports our Community Programs can offer you, call us on 1800 610 665 today!