28 Feb
Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Balcatta Recycling Shop

Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Balcatta Recycling Shop

Out of the seven social enterprises we operate, our Balcatta Recycling Shop works on a different model to the rest. We share more about how the site is run and what it’s like to work here.

Providing for the community

In partnership with the City of Stirling we’ve managed the Balcatta Recycling Shop since August 2016. We offer free recycling and disposal facilities for the public and sell quality secondhand goods in our store.

Our team have done an incredible job working with the council and local community so far. In these two years, we’ve received awards for promoting sustainable practice and creating opportunities for people with disability. These include the Lighthouse awards, NALG awards, and most recently, the Infinity awards.

We also help out local community groups, clubs, and charities – see more on our Facebook.

The team

Balcatta operates with an integrated workforce. As a result this means that employees engage with customers on a regular basis and work alongside supervisors and staff. This creates unique opportunities for workers to connect with their community and develop their independence.

Supervisors Bill, Shaun, and Ted always look out for the rest of the team. It’s a close-knit group and everyone comes together to support one another.

Daily tasks

Employees at Balcatta perform a range of duties and rotate positions through the day. Some roles that you might assist with include:

  • Greeting customers: employees at Gate 1 greet customers and provide directions to the rest of the site depending on what they need
  • Maintain the cash register and showroom: the person managing the shop processes payments at the cash register and keeps the shop tidy
  • Sorting materials: all donations received are inspected, tested, and sorted by team members before being placed in the correct bays
  • Supervise the recycling bays: our cardboard, steel, plastic, and hazardous waste bays are supervised at all times
  • Test and tag station: All electronics received need to be tested and tagged by a certified employee before they’re put on sale

A chance to grow

We’ve got employees at Balcatta who come from different situations and backgrounds. For many, working here has given them a chance to give back, develop their hobbies, and work towards independence. You can read more of their success stories here!

Above all, employment with us could give you that new start at life or the work experience you need for the future.

If you’d like to see how we can help you then get in contact with Teresa Allen today on 1800 610 665 or via email.

Please note that each article from our series does not directly correlate to an open employment position. Contact us for the full details.

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