06 Feb
Snapshot into Social Enterprise: DAAP

Snapshot into Social Enterprise: DAAP

Our social enterprises operate across many locations and industries, which gives you plenty of choice when it comes to finding a job that suits you.

These workplaces are designed to support employees to work to the best of their ability.

What’s DAAP?

The Defence Administration Assistance Program (DAAP) is a nationally run initiative from the Department of Defence that supports employment opportunities for people with disability.

Since 2016, our team have provided administration support to the HMAS Stirling Naval Base on Garden Island. Not only have they created a strong inclusive work environment, but made lasting connections with the Defence staff too. The partnership even won an outstanding award late last year!

The team

We have a number of employees working in an integrated work environment. They are supported by site supervisors Lucy and Kelly and a full support team.

The employees receive any training they need to perform the tasks or further develop their skills. They also work closely with Defence staff on various tasks.

Daily tasks

Our employees perform a range of duties depending on the contracts received from the Defence staff. Some activities that you may be assisting with include:

  • Managing digital records
  • Photocopying and laminating
  • Collating and organising booklets
  • Shelving and filing at the library

One of the major responsibilities of the DAAP team is to assist with preserving important Defence records. This means scanning and saving digital records and correctly disposing the physical copies.

This is a massive task and the Defence are very grateful to have the team dedicated to the project.

The employees also help out at regular social events like BBQ luncheons. This is a great opportunity for them to expand their networks and develop relationships with the Defence community.

Try it for yourself

Supported employment has helped our DAAP team build experience, gain new skills, and develop confidence. See where it could take you – get in touch with us today at 1800 610 665 or by email!

Please note that the enterprises featured in this series do not directly correspond to an open employment position. Please contact us for further details.