15 Feb
Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Fire & Electrical Services

Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Fire & Electrical Services

We have seven social enterprises that offer supported employment across a number of industries. These workplaces are designed to support you while at work and give you skills and training to excel at your job.

One of these workplaces is our Fire & Electrical Services based in Greenfields, Mandurah.

Providing quality fire equipment

Since 2009 we have been providing fire and electrical equipment maintenance and repair across WA. We are also the trusted service provider of fire equipment for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

Our team test and repair a number of replacement parts for items like fire extinguishers and lay flat hoses. We also have a team of electricians who provide on-site electrical testing and tagging.

The team

Led by Employment Support Supervisor Julie, Mandurah employees are supported by a group of experienced staff. This workplace employs a smaller group than our other locations, and as a result the team are very close and supportive of each other.

Employees get the chance to work alongside trained technicians in various roles and can also assist them with site visits, as Jon and Gavin did.

The daily tasks

Our team perform a range of duties depending on the contracts we receive. Some activities that you may be assisting with include:

  • Preparing and organising equipment stock
  • Checking, changing, and repairing hoses
  • Correctly disposing old hoses

Employees also assemble new hoses by cutting them to length and adding the correct cuffs, bands, and couplings. They then pack the hoses ready for delivery.

Each part is recorded in the system and must be stored in the correct place. The technicians then use them to replace or fix broken equipment.

Gain new experience

Working in this environment gives employees a chance to pursue further training, as Harley did with the mobile test bed. You’ll also receive the full support of our staff and technicians towards your employment goals.

Interested to see where supported employment can take you? Then contact us today through email or on 1800 610 665!

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