22 Feb
Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Packaging & Warehousing

Snapshot into Social Enterprise: Packaging & Warehousing

Our Packaging business has been providing high quality packaging and warehousing solutions for over 20 years. Over the years it’s resulted in hundreds of supported employment positions for people with disability.

Here’s some details about our largest division, what workers do on a daily basis, and how we support them at work.

Labour solutions for any business

We provide a number of businesses, community groups, and state and local governments a range of industrial services that include:

  • Warehousing and inventory
  • Assembly and collation
  • Producing pin markers and marker flags
  • Heat sealing
  • Weighing and packaging

The team

We operate across three different locations: Malaga, Belmont, and Bibra Lake, and each site has a dedicated support team led by an experienced supervisor. Across the division we are there to assist employees to do their job well. In addition we also provide training, encouragement, and support with any issues they might experience.

Many of our employees stay with us for a number of years. You’ll find that when you join the Packaging team you also join a family. It’s a fun work environment where employees and staff work together to complete contracts and support one another.

Daily tasks

Due to the nature of the work, employees do different jobs according to the contract they’re working on. Some of the activities that you will work on include:

  • Assembly work: employees count, sort, pack, and sticker items to make packs to specific requirements
  • Use jigs and templates: we use these to help with counting and packaging
  • Heat sealing: employees use the heat seal machinery to close completed packs in packaging and attach labels
  • Packaging for delivery: finished products are correctly sealed and packaged for delivery, and incoming products are unpacked and sorted
  • Fire extinguisher disposal: a group of employees at our Bibra Lake site are trained to safely discharge, dispose, and recycle fire extinguishers
  • Produce pin markers and flags: these products are made to order in a range of different colours and materials

Some of our contracts come with highly specific instructions. Our employees know to take extra care at each step in preparing these products.

Choose your own work style

Workers can choose what tasks to complete and if they want to learn new skills. We will work closely with you to reach any work goals you have or to pursue other career pathways.

If this sounds like a good fit for you then contact Teresa Allen at 1800 610 665 or on email today!

Please note that each article in this series does not equal an open position, so contact us for full details.

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