08 Aug
Social enterprises: Switch to the future

Social enterprises: Switch to the future

You may have heard about social enterprises before, but not have a good reason to be involved or know more about them. Well, you’d be surprised – there are over 20,000 in Australia alone and the number is steadily rising.

Social enterprises are the future and they have an impact. Businesses like our 1905 Catering and BRS make a real difference – and the more support they receive, the more goes back into the community and others!

While there’s lots of reasons to seek out these opportunities, here are the main ones:

Reasons to switch


It won’t break the bank to make the switch. Prices are usually set at market price or slightly higher, and this is often to compensate for better quality materials or ingredients. For example, you can always find bargain prices for quality secondhand goods at the BRS.

And once you factor in the benefit you create for yourself, others, and the environment, it will be worth it.

Easy and convenient

Sometimes, the opportunity to choose goods and services that benefit others can be right in front of you. For example, you can go to the supermarket and buy regular body wash or a body wash where proceeds go to ending poverty.

Once you know that these options are available to you, it only takes a simple switch, like changing your go-to restaurant or caterer, to start making a difference.

On the rise

As mentioned previously, social enterprises are growing bigger and expanding across new industries. They are found to show steady growth, achieve sustainable outcomes, and have high levels of diversity and inclusivity.

It’s worth your time considering ways to tap into this new area of growth. Whether it’s purchasing goods and services alone, or as a business or organisation.

Good for your organisation

For said businesses and organisations, it’s important to let others know that you care about people, the community, and the environment.

Consumers are now looking for companies that share their way of thinking. What better way to connect with others and get the word out, than appeal to consumers who look out for the community?

Power to you

As a consumer, you have more power than you think. Your money, time, and support can go towards goods and services with added value – like supporting employment for people with disability.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your cash, then make the easy switch today and create better outcomes for others.

Your choices, no matter how small, can make a real difference.

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We have a number of social enterprise businesses that offer goods and services that benefit others. Get in contact with us today for more information at 1800 610 665.