23 Oct
Spotlight on our Music Rocks maestros!

Spotlight on our Music Rocks maestros!

Our dedicated rockstars in the Music Rocks program have been jamming all year in preparation for November’s All Aboard! Performance! In today’s Community Programs’ blog, we chat about the fun and flexible program and how the participants have grown into talented musicians in their own right!

In partnership with Music Rocks Australia, the Music Rocks program provides a unique opportunity for participants to experience music and performance like never before.

The weekly sessions are set in a professional music studio with a wide variety of instruments; from the keyboard, guitars, bass, and percussion, to state of the art DJ turntables, vocal equipment, and electronic and acoustic drum kits. Participants even compose their own songs!

Professional mentors are available to guide the performer’s learning journey, and our talented Workpower staff supported them every step of the way. Participants developed performance techniques, strong teamwork skills, and self-confidence.

The Music Rocks crew during a jam session.

But the real highlight, as Program Development Manager Bithika Kastha says, is the individual development of each performer. The program is tailored to the participant and offers a chance to build self-expression and independence.

“Participants were able to mentor themselves,” says Bithika.

“They grew dedicated to their own practice, used their initiative, and relied less on staff support.”

The band showcased their talents last month at the Perth Royal Show, and also perform throughout the year at local restaurants and clubs. They will join the Performing arts crew in All Aboard! and open up the event with a cruise-themed piece!

We’re so excited to see the results of their hard work next month!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this stellar performance! Book now or call (08) 9445 6500 to secure your spot. Also, check out what’s been happening with the Performing Arts workshops this year.

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