17 Oct
Spotlight on our Performing Arts stars

Spotlight on our Performing Arts stars

For the fourth successful year, our Community Programs Performing Arts workshops have been cultivating a new crop of starlets ready for the stage! We chat with Performing Arts Facilitator Sonni Byrne about the new creative program and the preparations towards November’s stellar performance All Aboard!

Workpower’s Performing Arts provides participants the opportunity to challenge themselves. Previous workshops were run with a3 and Music Rocks Australia, but for 2017 we’ve added exciting new changes to the program and brought along theatre expert Sonni to guide us.

The workshops cover acting, dancing, movement, singing, script rehearsal, and playing musical instruments. They also build on listening skills, taking directions, adopting different performance roles, and working in teams.

A new addition is stagecraft, a critical aspect of any show. Performers learn to be mindful of the audience and pay attention to body language, facial expression, eye contact, and tone, which adds that special touch of theatre.

Their hard work will be on display in All Aboard!, a magical cruise ship journey all over the world. The participants had a large role in production with strong collaboration from their supporting staff.

Sonni talks about the performers with great pride:

“All Aboard is all about the performers and their achievements. We’re using their favourite songs, they made their own props, and they’ve come up with their own lines which I put into a script.”

The performers took to their roles with pride. Some even brought in their own props and costumes, with help from their family members as well. The wide range of skills and techniques developed through the year will be on show, along with their confidence, enthusiasm, and excitement.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Make sure to book your seats for All Aboard in November before they run out!

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