18 Nov
Spring event season is here!

Spring event season is here!

The sun is out, birds are chirping, and things are heating up in the kitchen! Here’s what events our team are helping out with during this year’s peak event season. 

Melbourne Cup 

It’s a time of great anticipation as community groups and workplaces got together for the big annual race on Tuesday 5th November. What better way to unwind after the busy mid-year months than with good food, drink, and welcome company?

This year our most popular orders include items from our wide salad range and gourmet entertaining platters. Combo platters featuring three or more finger foods, like our arancini balls and quiches, were also a bit hit with customers.  

Race day saw all hands-on-deck with many lunch and afternoon orders, including platters for:  

  • Lycopodium  
  • The City of Vincent  
  • Patersons Securities Limited  
  • Peet Limited and Key Start Homes 
Our crowd-pleasing antipasto platter complete with fresh arancini balls, beef meatballs, and frittata.

Along with Melbourne Cup, we’ve received many requests for sundowners and end-of-year events. Word is spreading about our little hardworking Catering team, and we’re now able to welcome a range of new customers who are all making a difference! The variety of orders means they’re able to learn new recipes and expand their experience. 

This November we’re supporting two big events for schools and students in WA. This includes: 

It Takes A Spark! Conference 

Students, teachers, and schools were invited to ignite innovative learning opportunities through STEM, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This conference was held on Friday at John Curtin College of the Arts and featured plenty of keynote speakers and activities.

ECU Engagement Forum 2019 

Another great resource for teachers and schools is the Engagement Forum WA held at Edith Cowan University. This conference will cover strategies and services available to assist young people who are at risk. For more info about this annual event on Friday 29th November, go here

Our Catering team will prepare a full range of delectable refreshments for these two great events. 

Want healthy, fuss-free catering for your next event? Then take a look at our menu and place your order online today! You can also contact us at (08) 9227 8075 or through email.