03 Aug
Stacee’s short film Little Sparrow makes shortlist in Focus on Ability Film Festival!

Stacee’s short film Little Sparrow makes shortlist in Focus on Ability Film Festival!

Earlier this year, Stacee told us how she’d turned her passion for supporting people with disability into a career. Now, a short film focusing on Stacee’s story, Little Sparrow, has been shortlisted for the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival! Stacee chats to us about her next steps, her music, and how you can support her on her incredible journey!

Living with a Disability always makes you feel that you have disadvantages, and the teasing and bullying which I faced as a kid never really goes away. (I copped a bit of abuse at the local pub recently for example.) To overcome adversity you need to really make your luck with hard work, and I’ve discovered after a bad year last year that using that strength to pick yourself up and work hard for what you want is the only way to make a good change in your life.

I’ve turned this passion for helping those with disabilities into a career path now. I’ve used this year to complete my Certificate IV in Disability and finish a Practical Work Placement with Workpower’s Disability Enterprises which was great. I’ve since registered for voluntary work with the Joe Camilleri Day Centre through City of Stirling, and will be applying for work once my Certificate becomes available from the training provider. These efforts all came from that nugget of strength to carry on which only exists in hope.

A few months ago, my Employment Consultant John sent me a link to the Focus On Ability short film competition. I was looking for something personal to me to focus my entry on. I’d met a lady on the train called Sally early this year. She runs a business called Lyrical Infusion, and is a writer. We’ve become fast and firm friends, and she’s seen my singing performances and been really supportive of me.

In May this year, she sent me the lyrics to this song Little Sparrow which she wrote for me, and asked me to write the music for it (which I’d never done before- but she didn’t know that at the time!). I’d lived with the lyrics for a while, and had a few cracks at different melodies that didn’t work which got me a little frustrated, but one morning I woke up, and the Melody was just there. I jumped straight onto my keyboard and played it out, and it just felt right. We worked on it and recorded it mid-June, and incorporated it into the film for the competition.  The film was shot by Jon Lambert who was a contact of Sally who did an amazing job and got all the filming done in one day.

‘Little Sparrow’ shares a message of hope in the face of adversity. Click here to view and vote!

I’d never done anything like that before, but it felt really special that my story was coming to life. I bawled my eyes out watching it for the first time, it was amazing to see the words accompanied by the images in the film.  Since then it’s got a lot of attention on social media which has blown me away, and Sally and I are excited to be travelling to Sydney to take part in the awards night in September! There are also possibilities for us to screen the film overseas, which is blowing my mind.

The chorus features the lyrics “time to turn, time to learn, to come together”. Whilst this film and song are made for people who identify as having a disability to help them find strength to push on when things are tough, it’s also great for everyone to see – an invitation to step outside of yourself and look at how you treat and live amongst other people, and to help make things better.

Click here to view and vote for Little Sparrow in the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival! Online voting closes 7th August.

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