29 Jun
Stars shine in Performing Arts shows

Stars shine in Performing Arts shows

More than 20 people with disability showed off their singing, dancing and acting talents over the past fortnight as part of our Performing Arts support program. Across two entertaining and unique shows they performed a scary but comedic monster skit, and a choir performance to Smash Mouth’s All Star hit. 

Each performance was chosen by the customers and based on their interests and skills. Since March the two groups worked together to write scripts, plan acts, and rehearse their parts. They then performed their acts in front of family, friends and support coaches. 

John Bartlet, who was the Master of Ceremonies for one of the performances said it was an incredible show.  

“That’s amazing guys,” he said to his fellow performers, before individually congratulating each one in taking part.  

One of the producers of the show, Team Leader Linda Macleod, said that the choir group really came together to put on the wonderful performance. 

“It was a great show of teamwork and collaboration by the choir group. They decided they wanted to sing and perform as a group,” Ms Macleod said. 

“The Performing Arts program really give people of all abilities the chance to develop skills, make friends and build confidence.” 

See highlights from the performances below:

Developing personal skills  

Throughout the Performing Arts program, our NDIS customers have the opportunity to develop a range of skills including: 

  • working as a team while acting individual roles 
  • developing organisational skills and independence 
  • boosting self-confidence 
  • taking responsibility for their parts and practicing 
  • finding their passions in the arts field 

About Workpower’s Performing Arts program 

Workpower’s Performing Arts program has been running for 8 years and supports over 25 people with disability each year. 

It encourages people with disability to discover their passion for the arts, learn new skills, and connect with other like-minded people.  

Accessible to people from every ability level, our programs explore music, dancing and theatrical skills. Sessions are hosted by experienced instructors and supported by our Workpower team. 

To find out more about our Performing Arts program, contact Workpower’s Manager Community Supports Bithika Kastha. 

For more information about our full range of supports, call 1800 610 665 or email us here.