20 May
Start your own business with us

Start your own business with us

Employment is a key goal for most of the people with disability we support. And given the uncertain times and community restrictions, it’s all the more important that we continue providing opportunities for our people to develop their careers. 

One of the ways we do this is through our new online employment support program, the Micro-enterprise workshop. In partnership with One2One, participants looking to start their own business work closely with our support team to create, plan, and put in place their own business strategy. 

customised approach 

This process begins with our customised employment pathway. Each job seeker maps out their interests, existing skills, and career goals through the Discovery Process.  

Once this is complete, those who have identified an interest or idea for their own business then expand on this through the Micro-enterprise workshop with One2One. 

From idea to startup  

Over four weeks we work through the following steps: 

  • Your idea: explore your business idea from your completed Discovery Process and what drives you to pursue this 
  • Feasibility: conduct research and test your idea as a viable business opportunity 
  • Business plan: identify all aspects of your business and make an action plan to set it up 
  • Establishment: start putting your plan into action, step by step 
  • Branding, Marketing and Advertising: learn to market your business, grow your customer base, and establish your brand 
  • Support: find what support is available to you and how Workpower and the NDIS can help you grow your business 

If you’re interested in starting your own business journey then get in touch with us today! See here for future details about our employment supports.