17 Jun
Supported Employment 101: everything you need to know

Supported Employment 101: everything you need to know

What is supported employment?

‘Supported employment’ is a job that has someone present to help you do your work effectively. This could mean:

  • Helping you stay focused
  • Giving you guidance on how to complete a task
  • Assisting with tasks that might otherwise be difficult to complete

Every person is different, and we can give you support according to your individual needs.

Who is eligible?

People with disability or mental health conditions are eligible for supported employment at Workpower.

We can support you at any point in your employment journey.

  • If you are still in school, we can organise work experience to help you prepare for employment
  • If you are leaving school, we can help you plan your career and develop your skills
  • If you are looking for long-term work, we can help you meet your employment goals

We can support you if:

  • You have support to find and keep a job in your NDIS plan
  • You do not live in an NDIS area, but you would like employment support

New vacancies are now open across our social enterprises! Contact us today for more details.

If you are currently preparing your NDIS plan, Workpower can assist you to include items for employment support. See our NDIS guides for more.

Are there other options?

There are many other options available to help you find work that fits your needs.

At Workpower, we also offer customised employment, which can support you to:

  • Develop a career plan that helps you to achieve your goals
  • Help you find work in your local community
  • Explore alternative employment options, including volunteering and self-employment
  • Support you at work
  • Develop your employment-related skills, such as money management and transport training

Why choose supported employment?

Supported employment is a flexible option that allows you to maintain support while exploring different career paths and skills.

Supported employment can help you:

  • Gain work experience across a range of roles and environments
  • Develop your employment skills
  • Start your career
  • Gain confidence and make friends

You can use supported employment as a stepping stone to help you prepare for further employment opportunities. If you are happy in your role, it’s also a great long-term career choice. You can read more stories about the supported employment experience.

We can help you plan your employment pathway and access opportunities that suit you. For more information, contact us here or at 1800 610 665.