Music Rocks

This is your chance to be the musician or rock star you always dreamed to be!

In partnership with Music Rocks Australia, we bring you a unique opportunity to hone your musical talent at weekly workshops through the year. You will have the chance to try out a whole range of instruments and learn musical techniques in a professional music studio.

Choose from a range of guitars, bass, drum kits, keyboards, DJ turntables, and voice recording equipment. The program includes:

  • Learning how to play various instruments
  • Songwriting and vocal development
  • Sound mixing and musical theory
  • Playing a number of hit songs or composing your own!

It’s an exciting opportunity to be mentored by support staff and music industry professionals and build on your musical talents. Try everything or focus on honing your skills on one instrument – it’s all up to you and your musical interests.

Show us what you got

Get the chance to rock it out at four concerts at various locations through the year.

These shows help mark your progress and give you experience performing on a real musical stage to a crowd of family, friends, and supporters! It’s a great way to build confidence, develop your musical talent, and challenge yourself.

Want to see where your music can take you? Contact us for full details today!

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