05 Feb
Surprising facts about Aussie natives

Surprising facts about Aussie natives

If you’ve lived in Australia for some time now, it can be easy to overlook the native flora and fauna. But while our natives have a different look and feel to other species, they are unique and beautiful in their own right. In fact, they are perfectly suited to our unique climate, and the perfect choice for your garden.

Here at the Nursery, we’re passionate about our native plants. So we’ve created a series dedicated to them – all you need to know about native plants, the popular families, and the best ways to use them in your garden.

We’ll start off with some little-known facts about our home-grown plants and animals.

  • Australia is home to over 1 million species of animals and plants
  • Many of these species can only be found in this country
  • Due to their number, many of these species have yet to be properly identified
  • England holds about 1,700 native plants, while Australia has over 24,000 species identified so far!

Choosing natives over introduced plant species is often the smartest choice. And if you’re in doubt, here are four good reasons:

Natural beauty:

These unique plants symbolise our beautiful country in their shapes, colours, and textures. We have a wonderful range of wildflowers that bloom in our dry climate and add vibrance to any garden. These plants bring a special element of versatility and variety to your garden that other species can’t provide.

Great for functionality and the environment:

Natives are naturally adjusted to our climate, and make excellent food and shelter for animals. They attract butterflies, lizards, and birds and help connect them with other cohabiting species. It’s like creating your very own ecosystem in the backyard!

Not to mention they’re great for adding structure and contrast in the garden, and can help stabilise and nourish soil.

Saving you time and money:

Last of all but certainly not least, natives are easy to set up, grow, and are low maintenance. They are naturally drought-resistant, meaning they require less water, and some are even fire-resistant or retardant. Natives have evolved to last in Australia, which makes them the clear choice for your garden requirements.

Stay tuned as we cover popular Aussie native species and how to best care for them.

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