13 Mar
Sustainability guide: how to recycle with us

Sustainability guide: how to recycle with us

2020 is the year to say goodbye to wastefulness and hello to sustainable, long-term living. And the team at Balcatta Recycling Shop are here to help you get there!  

We tackle this in three ways: by recycling materials, encouraging donations, and helping customers reuse items. The first part of our exciting new series looks at the different items we accept and how to navigate the BRS. 

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Accessing our site 

At the front gate let our team member know what you’re dropping off. They’re give you directions on what to do and where to go. To access the secondhand store, park on the right of the gate. See the map below. 


To donate good quality furniture, household items, and garden equipment, head over to Bay 5. We’ll give full details on how and what you can donate soon. 


Follow the road around the bend to drop off scrap steel, large appliances, tiles, and bricks. 

Electronics and hazardous waste  

Located on the left at Bay 9 and 10, you can drop off items like: 

  • Acids, alkalis, and aerosols 
  • Fire extinguishers, (non halon red only) 
  • Flammables and flares 
  • Gas cylinders (household quantities only) 
  • Paint, poisons, and toxics (household quantities only) 
  • E-waste (i.e. televisions, computers and accessories, household appliances) 

Plastics, glass, and containers 

On the opposite side of the Hazardous waste section, you can drop off: 

  • Aluminum cans 
  • Glass bottles and containers 
  • Clear soft plastics (bubble wrap, plastic bags, cling wrap) 
  • Plastic containers (milk cartons, clear drinking bottles) 

Polystyrene and cardboard 

Your last stop is Bay 11 – simply drive up to the large truck and one of our team members will help you move your items. 

We accept hard EPS-6 polystyrene in our on-site bailer. To reduce contamination we can’t accept materials with sand, stickers, tape, or oil stains. At the moment we cannot process LDPE (plastic foam) or EPS-4/5. 

We are currently recycling cardboard and no other paper products. Here’s the full list of what we can and can’t take. 

Got further questions? 

Our team are happy to assist you during your visit, otherwise you can reach us at (08) 9445 6591 or on email. Keep up with the latest deals through our Facebook and Instagram.