12 Jun
Sustainable tips for reusing clothes

Sustainable tips for reusing clothes

Today we’ll give you some ways to rethink your shopping habits and starter tips for clothing DIY projects!

Buy quality

You may have heard of fast fashion and wondered what it means. Nowadays it’s not hard to find trendy clothes at cheap prices, however it usually comes in low quality material and finish.

By definition, fast fashion is clothing that is quick to mass produce but at a high cost to the environment. Clothes like these don’t last as long, which leads to more waste. You can combat this by being mindful when buying clothes.

Buy pre-loved

Secondhand doesn’t equal bad quality. You can find plenty of garments and accessories made from lasting material in charity shops like ours. You can find valuable items that are hard to find or out of production. And at a fraction of the original price!

Care for your garments

The more you put into maintaining your clothes, the longer they last. You can get a lot of use out of them if you learn to fix tears or add embellishments. You can even repurpose other parts of clothes to create new ones.

If part of your garment is damaged why not salvage the rest for scrap material? It all adds up in savings in your pocket and reducing waste.

Get DIY-ing

Need inspiration to turn your pile of unwanted fabrics into something useful? Here’s some ideas to get you started!

  • Graphic T-shirt pillow cases
  • Reusable shopping bags from shirts
  • Salvage into cleaning rags
  • A patchwork quilt with different fabrics
  • Make bangles, hair accessories, and fabric necklaces
  • Bathroom mat using old towels
  • Repurpose knitted jumpers into beanies, socks, and gloves
  • Make pet clothing

Need more inspiration?

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