09 Nov
Switch to the future this National Recycling Week

Switch to the future this National Recycling Week

Planet Ark’s biggest event of the year starts on Monday – it’s National Recycling Week, and the perfect time to make lasting changes for the future!

This year we’re focussing on moving from a Waste War to Recycling Reboot, and we’ll cover a number of ways you can do this in your home, workplace, and community.

Why recycling matters

  • Currently, we generate waste six times faster than the growth of our population
  • Each person creates 647 kg of kerbside waste every year
  • But good news – our recycling is growing even faster than the rate of waste!

Our recycling habits improve as we share knowledge about reducing waste and buying and reusing recycled goods. It’s not hard to start and there’s lots of ways to make a difference.

By making small changes in different areas in your life you’re setting yourself up to save on waste, money, and resources for the future.

Where do I start?

Recycling doesn’t have to be a big investment of time or money. You can start small and still make a positive impact. Challenge yourself and try one of these suggestions out each day next week!


  • Find your council’s kerbside recycling guidelines and print off a copy to stick on your fridge
  • Use your own shopping bags and buy loose produce
  • Start collecting a material you can’t recycle at home (like plastic and glass) and drop it off somewhere that does (like our Balcatta Recycling Shop!)


  • Organise a Friday File Fling and clear out all those outdated papers from the office
  • Switch to recycled paper or other materials
  • Schedule a monthly clean up and drop off for your unwanted items with us


  • Have a chat to your neighbours and locals about recycling and how you can help each other out
  • Host a garage sale and earn some extra cash
  • Get involved in Buy It Back Day on 17th Saturday – stay tuned for extra info about this one!

Stuck on ideas? At the BRS we have a passion for recycling and DIY, so check out our Facebook for inspiration! You can also contact us on (08) 9445 6591 or through email.