10 Aug
Tatiana finds her dream job as Workpower Support Coach

Tatiana finds her dream job as Workpower Support Coach

Tatiana followed her heart and found her dream job as a Property Support Coach, supporting employees with disability to grow.

All it took was one of her four children to turn some of her advice back on her for Tatiana Bailey to make a huge change in her life, and for the better. 

Starting a dream career as support coach 

“I’ve always taught my kids do what’s in your heart, what pleases you and makes you happy. And my son turned around one day and said mum why aren’t you doing what you taught us to do?” 

From working in retail to now being a Property Services Support Coach, Tatiana – Tat to her friends – has always enjoyed digging holes and planting trees. Now she gets to garden to her heart’s content while supporting people to grow at the same time. Can anyone say, ‘dream job?’ 

“How can I explain it? You get so much more out of this job. Watching our supported employees grow and discovering what they can actually do just by some encouragement and self-confidence,” said Tat. 

A stepping stone to employment 

Being a supported employee in one of Workpower’s 11 businesses could be a career or a stepping stone onto bigger things. 

Many people with disability have employment goals, and Workpower is a pathway to gain important job experience and life skills. 

After going back to school and earning two diplomas Tat joined Workpower at the start of 2020. The prospect of seeing her team achieve their employment goals fills her with great excitement and pride. 

“I think a lot of the times more than anything else, in any business, that final hurdle [to employment] is self-confidence and not being afraid,” said Tat. 

“They’ve come along leaps and bounds.” 

Keen to make the switch and find your dream job like Tat? Explore our career opportunities and how you can start changing lives here.

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