23 Jun
The last slice of cake has been eaten

The last slice of cake has been eaten

It was a celebratory goodbye for our Café and Catering Services as they served the last slice of cake on Wednesday 29 June after wrapping up five years of managing the Blue Bean Café at the WA Police Headquarters in East Perth.

Whilst it may be a goodbye to our café and its services, it’s not a goodbye to the team of eight who are excited to take on new opportunities across our organisation.

Workpower CEO Lee Broomhall said that demand for catering services has significantly reduced over the past couple of years, with the rise of people within the Perth CBD working from home and meetings going online.

“As many hospitality businesses would understand, it’s been a tough couple of years for cafes and catering services – and ours has felt it too,” said Ms Broomhall.

“The demand for catering for corporate meetings and training is not what it used to be, as people adopt hybrid working styles and the traditional ways of meeting and networking have changed.”

“The purpose of our social enterprises has always been to provide employment opportunities for people with disability and we’re planning to increase this, so we’ve made the decision to divert our efforts away from catering and hospitality where the demand has reduced and look for new opportunities.”

“All of our dedicated team members have been offered new opportunities with Workpower where they’ll be able to develop new skills and take the next step in their careers.”

WA Police Force Commercial Agreements Manager, Shani Hardwich, said the WA Police extends its thanks and gratitude to Workpower and especially to the Blue Bean Café staff for their excellent services over the last five years.

“We have been privileged to support the engagement of staff through the Social Enterprise arrangement and look forward to opportunities to continue this in the future,” said Shani.

This team, including four people with disability, leave with fond memories, skills and a new sense of confidence.

Café and catering team member Catherine Wilkins said she is looking forward to what the next stage of her career looks like.

“I’ve learnt a lot at the café, but am excited to try out the Nursery,” said Catherine.

“I’ve always like gardening. I did a day of trial and already made friends. I like working outdoor and love plants and trees. I liked potting and prepping the plants for customers and I also like the setup of work and work environment.”

Workpower closed the doors of the Blue Bean Café for the last time on Wednesday 29 June.