08 Oct
The right support for schools and students

The right support for schools and students

Students and their families often look to schools to provide guidance on many things, like future study and employment options. They also seek help when looking for health and support services.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is now in charge of providing disability supports and services across the country. Many people can now access quality supports for the first time. But as disability supports are constantly changing, it can be hard to provide the right recommendations to match your students.

That’s where we come in – as experienced NDIS service providers we can give you the tools and support needed to help them succeed! We can:

  • Coordinate work experience placements within our businesses
  • Provide NDIS training and info sessions for schools
  • Work with you to plan support pathways tailored to students
  • Provide NDIS sessions at school and networking events and parent meetings

How we help students

Our supports are designed to help students achieve their dreams and goals during and after school. We offer:

  • Work placement opportunities
  • Customised employment pathways
  • School to work transition planning
  • Support to develop life skills and independence
  • After school, weekend, and school holiday supports

Learning in the workplace

Many students gained valuable experience from our Workplace Learning program. We work closely with schools, students, and their families to arrange a weekly work placement at one of our social enterprises. Students get to sample supported employment in a range of industries that cover horticulture, recycling, and hospitality.

It’s a great stepping stone for young people like Bailey, who trialed work at our Fire & Electrical Services and now has a paid position there.

We’re ready to help you guide your students in the right direction. Contact us today at 1800 610 665 to begin!